Although candy is inevitable this Halloween, it does not have to be scary for your child’s dental health.    This is the perfect time to teach your little one how to avoid cavities.    Here are some tips to enjoy all of the sweets without the cavities:

  1.  Swish Away the Treats – Encourage your child to swish with water after indulging in sugary treats.   Choose treats that are consumed quickly and can be rinsed from the teeth with water, such as chocolate treats (yum!).
  2.  Make a Candy Plan – Avoid all gummy or taffy treats that can stick in the pits and grooves of teeth, as well as, between the teeth.  Avoid sour candy that has a higher acid content and can break down tooth enamel.   Discuss how much candy you child is allowed to eat prior to partaking in their trick or treat festivities.
  3.  Start a Switch Witch Tradition!  Create a tradition where the switch witch visits your house and swaps you child’s candy for a toy, book, video or something on your child’s wish list.

Wishing you all a happy, safe, and cavity free Halloween!