It’s the beginning of August, which means it is time to plan for heading back to school.  Along with new school clothes and new school supplies, it’s important to make sure your children are equipped with the tools and guidance needed for a healthy mouth and good oral hygiene.   At City Kids Dental North Shore, we have outlined the following back to school tips to keep your children’s smiles healthy.

  1. Schedule your children’s  “back to school” dental appointments. These appointments are just as important as back to school immunizations and physical assessments and should be part of your back to school preparations. Regular check ups are the best way to catch problems early and avoid lost school hours to tooth pain and more extensive dental visits.
  2. Get your children into a regular routine of brushing with a fluoride toothpaste and flossing at least twice a day. When you’re out shopping for your back to school needs like notebooks and backpacks, head to the dental aisle to ensure you have everything you need there as well. Stock up on toothbrushes and remember to change your child’s toothbrush at least once very 3 months or after an illness.
  3. Send your children back to school with healthy lunches and snacks. Grains, milk, cheese, yogurts, fruits and vegetables are all beneficial to not only their dental health but their overall well being! Cut back on processed sugary foods and beverages. If your children are given a school lunch in the school cafeteria, review healthy food items with them before their first day.
  4. Make sure your children are wearing a properly fitted mouth guard if they are involved in after-school sports. It’s even a good idea for them to bring a mouth guard to school in case they need it for gym class or recess. Playground activities and athletics are the leading cause of mouth injuries in children, so it’s imperative to equip them with proper safety equipment.
 City Kids Dental North Shore would like to wish everyone and happy healthy school year!