Great Sources of information on Children’s Dental Health:

Specific Product Websites Dr. Mary Tierney frequently refers to: 

  • Many of our City Kids Dental patients continue to have great success with using the thumb guard to stop thumb sucking. The company includes 2 guards per package for ambidextrous thumb suckers! The thumbuster also works well. (Available on as well.)
  • My Special Shirt has worked to stop thumb sucking in others. My special shirt is a comfortable pajama top for boys and girls with a hand “mitt” attached to the sleeve. It works as a friendly reminder when you are sleepy. This product is off the market, so try making your own by stitching some mittens to a long sleeved shirt.
  • Canker sore sufferers, as well as, kids looking for milder flavored toothpastes should try Tanner’s Tasty Paste. The Cha Cha Chocolate and Banilla Bling flavors are SLS free and popular with the kids! Note: the site also caries fluoride free paste for the little ones.
  • Cold sore sufferers, Kids get cold sores too! As a matter of fact, 20% of children between 5 and 18 get colds sores. Lip Clear Lysine + from Quantum Health comes in an ointment or coldstick with SPF-21, goes on clear, doesn’t burn and significantly reduces cold sore treatment time.
  • Looking for mild, child-friendly toothpastes? Try silly strawberry or orange mango from Tom’s of Maine. Tom’s pastes are available in Lincoln Square at Merz Apothecary and at Whole Foods stores. is also a good resource for toothpastes that kids love.
  • Let’s get our kids on the road to independent brushing with the new children’s Sonicare model. The Bluetooth connected brush and free app rewards kids for brushing well. This brush helps kids brush better and longer while having fun learning techniques that will last a lifetime! All of the City Kids Dental locations carry this brush and the replacement heads too! Sonicare brushes are also great for patients with braces!
  • Dr. Mary loves Aquaphor for chapped lips and that red patch around lips that some children get from excessive drool or lip sucking.
  • Are your kids sporty? Mouthguards are a must. Play it safe and protect their teeth with a mouthguard from Shock Doctor.

Nutrition News:

  • Dr. Mary saw Chop Chop, the fun cooking magazine, all over the California schools that her niece and nephew attend. She loves the mission statement so much that she has ordered copies for the office. Currently, you can pick up a copy in our waiting! Here is that mission statement: “ChopChop’s mission is to educate kids to cook and be nutritionally literate, empower them to actively participate as health partners with their families, and help establish and support better eating habits for a lifetime of good nutrition” and Dr. Mary adds “for a lifetime of good oral health.
  • Dr. Mary recommends two websites for our patients with developmental differences. You will find wonderful play items, coordination, speech, feeding, and sensory therapy tools at The Sensory Kids Store and Ark Therapeutic Services.

Online Fun

  • facebook-logoCity Kids Dental North Shore Facebook Page is full of useful information and online fun! PLEASE LIKE US!
  • YouTube can be a useful source for brushing fun! Here are just a few fun tooth brushing clips!
  • The Toothbrush Family – A throw back to the early 70’s
  • OR you may prefer a more current, more rocking, Elmo’s Tooth Brushing song
  • Please see our patient education page for videos that engage your child and help to make teeth brushing fun.
  • Dr. Mary would not want to leave out Sid the Science Kid! She highly recommends his Inside and Out DVD.
  • Another Fun Link for School kids is Mouth Power. Explore mouthie’s lab and earn all the teeth in your smile to get your certificate of Achievement!
  • Colgate Kids World has a kid’s corner loaded with games and activities and a parent’s place where parents can master the ABCs of kids’ oral care.