BRUSH TWICE DAILY FOR 2 MINUTES AND FLOSS!  Make time before school for brushing and head to school with a great smile. There is no rule that nighttime brushing needs to be done right before bed.  Take a break from your homework and give your teeth some love.  Teens in orthodontics may want to see a dental hygienist in between regular visits to assist in orthodontic hygiene.
HYDRATE!   Water is great for hydration and it helps to clear the teeth of sugars, carbohydrates, and bacterial acids.  It helps to fight tooth decay.  Beware of cavity causing coffee house beverages and sports drinks.   Replace sports drinks with water bottles.
EAT HEALTHY SNACKS!  Don’t buy junk food. Instead, keep lots of fruits and vegetables in the house for snacking.
MAKE A MOUTHGUARD PART OF YOUR UNIFORM!  Mouthguards usually cover your upper teeth and protect your teeth, lips, tongue, face and jaw against injuries, so they need to be part of your uniform in any sport you play.
VACCINATE!  Boys and girls ages 9-26 can prevent HPV-related cancers including oral cancer by getting the HPV vaccine.