🤪 STIR CRAZY from the COVID-19 Quarantine? 🤪
We’ve got you covered!
Check Out 5 Ways You Can STAY SANE While Stuck at HOME! 🏡
1. BOARD GAMES… BOARD GAMES… and MORE BOARD GAMES. 🎲 Our Favorites… Jenga, Risk, Life, Monopoly, Connect Four, Sorry!
2. COOK TOGETHER. EAT TOGETHER. Try a NEW recipe that you make and eat together as a family! 🍳
3. BE CHARITABLE! Clean out your closet(s) or garage with a goal to give stuff away! 📦
4. TAKE A DAILY WALK – alone, as a couple, or with your whole family – don’t forget the dog! 🐶
5. BUILD A FORT – you’re never too old to build a great fort and do a sleepover  in the family room!

Be Well!  Stay positive and healthy!  Have fun while flattening the curve!