Sleep is always important to our oral and overall health!
Did you know that sleep:
    *Boosts our immune system–  Sleep is when our bodies produce white blood cells called T cells that regulate our bodies immune response.
    *Powers our brain function–  This means improved attention, behavior, learning and memory for all of our home bound students!
    *Enhances our moods and mental health–  Who couldn’t use a pick me up and better resistance to stress and anxiety?
    *Sleep helps to reduce gingival inflammation!  While we sleep, our bodies release cytokine proteins which function to defend our bodies against infection, inflammation and stress.
You can improve your sleep by following these 3 tips:
    *Keep a consistent bedtime and wake time
    *Regulate Your Screen Time (especially in the evening).  The blue light our devices emit reduce the production of the sleep hormone melatonin.
    *Create a bedtime routine….  “wind down”, dim the lights, take a warm bath, brush and floss, relax and read a book as part of your routine.
Sweet dreams and Healthy Gums!